Viking Shower Dress Trim

Created for a camping shower dress in the style of a norse apron dress. There are two separate pieces of trim here – Duckie trim across the chest and bubbles for the apron straps. Completed around 2011.

Duck Pattern – image courtesy of the GTT
Bubbles Pattern Courtesy of the GTT

Star Tassel Belt

November of 2010. Originally meant to be a scarf, I decided that it was too thick and stiff to work well in that capacity. Shortly thereafter I started learning belly dance and decided that it made an excellent base for a tassel belt.      Cloud was uncharted/freehand. Star patterns below
This is the inspiration for the Night Sky Garters.

All patterns charted with the GTT. Cloud mirrors on second section, stars were woven randomly

Calontir Recruitment Examples

Woven for use as examples of tablet-weaving in recruitment attempts. Were originally four, but I have only gotten three to take pictures of thus far. Completed in Sept of 2010. Some parts of this pattern were charted, some were freehand.

Charted Image courtesy of the GTT
Charted image courtesy of the GTT
Charted image courtesy of the GTT