The Compact Between Horse and Man Belt

Made originally for the Horse & Falcon A&S competition “Horse in any medium” in 2007. Won the competition, but was also the only one entered in it as the event was rained out on the Sunday the competition was to be held. Won by default but never did get the prize ;0)
Text is from a song written by Mistress Dorcas Whitecap, “The Compact Between Horse and Man (The Horsie Song)” and reads “Do not think that you command me, nor think that I am tame/ My spirit is not broken, I do not serve in shame.”                          
Made initially just for the competition, Dorcas liked it so much, I gave it to her.

The horses were charted on elongated graph paper but I no longer know where they may be. If I ever find them, I’ll add them to the page

Staudigel Example Band

An early double-face practice piece using already charted patterns and without a real ending to it. Lots of people seem to like this one for some reason. It uses patterns from Ottfried Staudigal’s opus on Double-Face, Tablet-Weaving Magic. Obviously, I won’t post the pattern’s here. Piece woven in 2004.