Broken Harp ‘Pour-Along’ Lilies 2020

IMG_20200607_210713Hello! If you’re here, you’re probably looking for what you’ll need to follow along with the Broken Harp during Lilies week. A few reminders before we go on:

  • We have Non-Alcoholic options every day along with alcoholic ones. Pick which route is best for you. If you choose alcoholic, as always, please enjoy your beverages responsibly and only if you are of the proper age.
  • You may play along one day or all days. Or just watch videos. You, as always, are in charge of your choices.
  • Feel free to change things up from the suggested list. Don’t like Cranberry Juice? Try tart Cherry instead. Don’t enjoy Vodka? Many things on this list can be switched up with whatever you like or what  you have on hand. 
  • If you’re going the alcoholic route, feel free to grab mini bottles. Hy-Vee and other well-stocked liquor stores often have a great variety. This is a great way to try something new without being stuck with a whole bottle.
  • The alcoholic drinks can be made nonalcoholic by adding juice instead of alcohol. The reverse is also true – just add alcohol.
  • Non Alcoholic –  we use a number of syrups to punch up flavors. You can buy syrups from places like Torani or Monin, or you can make them in small batches by making simple syrup, soaking flavors in, and filtering with cheese cloth. We cover this a bit in the first video. 
  • We recommend checking Aldi for Lemon and possibly lime juice. It’s cheaper and is sold by the liter. We use a lot of lemonade and limeade. 
  • We use everclear (or its ilk) for a number of our recipes at the Harp because it’s economical and we cover up the flavor with juices and purees. Don’t be afraid of it, the higher ABV means that you just need to use less of it (we mix most of our punches to about 5% abv.) Remember, you can always pour light and add more to it!


Day Alcoholic Drink Ingredients Non-Alcoholic Drink Ingredients
1 Friday  6/12 Lemon or Lime Juice, Sugar. Alcohol of your choice, we recommend a flavored vodka or rum. Lemon or Lime Juice, Sugar. Any berry flavored syrup or puree. 
2 Saturday 6/13 This night is a 1.2g pitcher. 1/2g apple juice, 1.25 oz honey, apple pie spice, cinnamon, 1/8c sugar, 1oz everclear.
Sparkling apple cider
Apple Cider or Juice ( preferably something with a bite)
Cinnamon Syrup
3 Sunday 6/14 Pineapple Juice, Cranberry Juice, lemon-lime soda, tropical flavored rum (we suggest passion fruit parrot bay) Pineapple Juice, Orange Juice, Cranberry Juice, a little mango juice or syrup, Lemon-Lime Soda
4 Monday 6/15 Lemon Syrup, Lime Syrup, lemon-lime pop, gin (flavored gin, if you have it!) Lemon syrup, lime syrup, flavored seltzer water. You could add a flavored syrup, too, if you want!
5 Tuesday 6/16 Tor Tuesday! Go see Tor! Yep, Still Tor Tuesday, we’re taking a break!
6 Wednesday 6/17 Ginger Beer or Ginger Ale, Lime Wedges, Whiskey Ginger Ale, a can of sliced peaches
7 Thursday 6/18 Sparkling wine, gin (try a flavored infused gin,) lemon syrup Sparkling apple cider, cranberry, a splash of herbal infused syrup (we like rosemary) or try a berry if you prefer. If you like less sweet drinks, add a flavored seltzer
8 Friday   6/19 We’re playing with various flavored pops and alcohols.  Make along with the nonalcoholic and add rum – we suggest the new Captain Morgan vanilla orange twist. Blue Cream soda (I found it in a small 4-pack of bottles. You could also get regular cream soda and add blue syrup. White cranberry-strawberry juice.
9 Saturday 6/20 Same as last night, we’re sharing some new alcohols we found. To pour along, make the non-alcoholic and add your favorite alcohol. Mint leaves, berry flavored seltzer, berry syrup