Aine’s Block Party

This page is intended as the informational and planning page for Aine’s Block party and the Memorial Walk at Lilies 2022. Please scroll through or use the links below to jump to a section

What is Aine’s Block Party?

In September 2019, Aine Nic Tallieuer, of Aston Tor, passed after a long battle with cancer. Before her death, she made one specific request of her friends in the SCA throw her an epic party at the following Lilies. Dutifully, Kristine began making plans for the event, wrangling the Broken Harp and Aston Tor to join in… then.. well… we all know what happened.

Now that we’re back to meeting again, we are once again endeavoring to fulfill Aine’s final wish – with the twist of honoring those we have lost during the pandemic. The Harp’s on board, Tor is on board – now we just need you.

Aine’s Block Party will be held on Tor Tuesday, June 21, 2022, at dusk.

Please note: In the case of stormy weather on Tuesday, we may move to Wednesday, but will endeavor to make ample announcements.

It starts right around the Harp, and end at the treeline after Tor. Continue reading to find out who’s participating and how you can help.

Memorial Walk

Over the last two years, we have lost many friends but have been unable to gather and mourn them. As an addition to the block party, we will be honoring these lost friends with banners of their arms along the stretch of the party route.

You can help with this endeavor by providing the names and information of those we have missed, or by providing missing information for folks we are missing information about.

Note: We will be giving priority space to Calontiri, either former or current at the time of their death. If we have space, we will add those from other kingdoms at our discretion. This memorial walk is intended for those whose deaths fell between the final events held in Calontir before the pandemic (which we are counting as 2/1/2020) through May 31, 2022 (which we dearly hope we do not need to add more folks to this list.)

The Current List of Honorees

This list includes the names of those to be honored as well as the information we have for them. Please help us fill in missing pieces!
Yes: We’re set No: We are missing this piece CBI: Could be improved. We have something, but would welcome a better option. These are especially for the blurbs.

NameHome GroupHeraldryBlurbPicture
Coemri nEithneYesNoCBI
Catherine Ann ApplebeeDeodarYesNoNo
Cuilen Kirk of MorayThree RiversYesYesNo
DashunegenAston TorYesNoNo
Finola O’ClaryForgotten SeaYesYesCBI
Garren of Aston TorAston Tor/Cum an IolairYesYesYes
Hamelinus HamlynOak HeartYesNoYes
Hertha Blair of FroggestowForgotten SeaYesYesYes
Jutte Roose van der BruggheHeraldshillYesCBIYes
Lelia ni Lachtnain Ui ChathailYesNoNo
Lorenzo di Monte San SavinoYesNoNo
Maximillian Johann von KleveYesNoNo
Michele dei MediciYesNoYes
Od BarbarossaWestumbriaYesNoNo
Padraic MacDubhghailleDeodarYesYesYes
Paul AdlerCalanais NuadhYesNoNo
Salamandra the WhitesmithCrescent MoonYesYesYes
Stephen Grimfalcon de NorfolkYesNoNo
Vittoria dei RossiCrescent MoonYesCBICBI

How to Help

You can help us make the walk the most meaningful by adding to the information we have above. Did we miss someone who passed during the time frame (2/1/2020-5/31/2022)? Are we missing information which you know? Do you believe we have the wrong information? Use the form below to tell us!

Would you like to provide a missing picture, whether of the person or their heraldry? email us at Be sure include the person’s name!!

Additional Activities by Volunteers

Some lovely folks along the road between the Broken Harp and Tor have offered to add to the festivities here’s a list of what we know is happening during the block party.

  • Whiskey Tasting
  • Chocolate and Cheese table
  • Luminaries down the road

How Can I Help?

Thank you, generous Calontiri, for thinking to be part of this! Aside from contributing what you can to the Memorial Walk, we most want your attendance.

If you usually camp along the block party route, we ask you to allow us to put up the flags for the Memorial Walk along the road.

If you want to do more – we are more than happy for you to add to the festivities! Set up some games for attendees to play! Have your own table of treats! Organize a preparty for the children! Volunteer to help with set up or tear down. Come up with something we haven’t thought of!

If you have an idea for how you’d like to help, use the form below to volunteer (forms help us keep everything organized!)

The Falcon Chapel

The Falcon Chapel was created in 2017. Its first outing was as Kristine Nic Tallier’s vigil tent. In the years since, it has served in various functions, even being combined with the Chapel of the Dancing Porkchop to create the Calon Cathedral.

The chapel consists of 8 “windows” each celebrating different activities in Calontir, and a “rose window” featuring the heraldry of groups in Calontir, and spaces for two additional windows to be added to celebrate an event or a person being honored.

The Falcon Chapel will be set up at the beginning of the Block Party, in the “Green Tent” at the Broken Harp. Come visit for some quiet reflection and to view the two new windows created to celebrate Aine Nic Tallier.

Who was Aine nic Tailliuer?

Because it’s been a couple years, there may be a number of people who didn’t know Aine.

This was Aine (photo credit Jay Reynolds)

I may be a bit partial, because she was my mom, but I could also say that she was “mom” to most people she got to know. Aine loved bunnies and children and a glass of Rum Island Iced tea.

She lived in Aston Tor for the entire time she was in the SCA (nearly 25 years) and was actively involved locally and with her kingdom. If there was something which needed doing, she would be there to help. She served on retinues, helped the soup kitchen at war, and watched babies when parents needed a break. She loved her collection of stuffed sheep (not as much as the bunnies, though!) She enjoyed netting, bobbin lace, and illumination.

There is more to say about her than can be easily conveyed. Perhaps it’s best to join us at the block party and hear the stories told by those who knew her.