Clothiers 2019 Finnish and Latvian Clothing Introduction

Information from and handouts related to:

Introduction to Metal Decoration on Finnish and Latvian Clothing

Lady Margery of Penrith, Mistress Johanne Fisher Gate, Vincent De Vere

Calontir – 2019 v1.0

In this class we will introduce some of the stereotypical characteristics of garments related to the tribes occupying the eastern Baltic area. Many of these ensembles based on grave finds are identifiable by the metal decoration applied to the fabric of the garments as well as the metal accessories associated with the styles.  We will look at two specific examples and talk about the characteristic traits of these pieces.  We will introduce the variation of design between these key examples and a few of the other tribes in this region.  Then we will talk briefly about a few of the resources for the beginner to explore these fashions and link to additional introductory handouts to aid in their construction.








Baltic-Clothing-Commonalities (1)


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